Allan Lipsky

Allan is a specialist in the management and restructuring of complex real estate asset portfolios and companies. Allan has held senior executive positions with two of the nation’s largest and most respected asset managers and owned and ran his own company focusing on the savings and loan resolutions.

At The Palmieri Company, he was responsible for the management and marketing of major properties owned by the bankrupt Penn Central Railroad. He also worked on the value enhancement and sale of assets owned by a mismanaged pension fund. At the J.E. Robert Company, he was involved in the federal government’s restructuring of the savings and loan industry.

More recently, Allan was asked by former Mayor Riordan of Los Angeles to bring his business expertise to the public sector as Chief Operating Officer of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), one of the nation’s largest public transportation agencies with over 8,000 employees and an annual budget of $2.5 billion. His successful restructuring of the troubled agency is recognized as an outstanding example of the application of sound private business principles to the public sector.

Allan is a graduate of Harvard College, BA and Harvard University, MBA.